CleanGo GreenGo Fogging

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Calgary, Aug 12, 2019 (  – CleanGo GreenGo today announced it has joined forces with Blue Lake Bin Cleaning, Calgary Alberta’s Premier Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Bin Cleaners.

CleanGo GreenGo is delivering the message to the people that they can now reclaim their space knowing their family and pets are protected from repeated exposure to harmful chemicals and Blue Lake Bin Cleaning is doing their part to make sure that the Bins they clean are properly cleaned, sanitized and deodorized using our Proprietary Non Toxic Green Formulation.

Blue Lake Bin Cleaning has identified the need for the sanitizing the community garbage, compost and recycling bins and recognizes the positive environmental impact that having these compost and recycling bins provided. Blue Lake Bin Cleaning also recognizes that no one wants to go near a smelly bin, especially during those hot summer days.

At Blue Lake Bin Cleaning the goal is to provide an efficient, affordable, curbside bin-cleaning service for your community. We want to provide our clients with protection from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infections that have been commonly detected in, on and around soiled bins.

With a Strategic Alliance between CleanGo GreenGo and Blue Lake Bin Cleaning our customers can rest easy knowing their bins are clean, sanitized and most importantly deodorized with the best green cleaning product on the market today.