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Your favourite Clean, 100% toxin free and biodegradable all purpose cleaner is now tackling your COVID-19 disinfecting needs!


We are best known for our line of cleaning products that uses emulsification to strip down stains, spills and grime at a molecular level.

As it turns out, our patented green technology also does the trick in disinfecting industrial areas from bacteria, pathogens and viruses!

The Tests

Alberta Health Services (AHS) suggests that business’ should use 1,000 ppm bleach solution to disinfect your business and keep your customers, employees and contractors safe from the spread of SARS-COV-2.

When comparing a bleach solution to our CleanGo GreenGo sanitizing solution in an ATP Hyiena Bactweira Test we found that our product cleaned the surface at a factor of *10x* than the bleach solution!

These photos show an ATP test administered on our office door handle, much like any other businesses in Calgary.

We first used the Alberta Health prescribed 1,000 ppm bleach solution on the bottom end of the door handle and the reading showed 2301 ppm. This is almost 29 times the acceptable amount for a surface to be classified as being disinfected and safe.

On the top part of the handle (where no bleach & any other solution came in contact with) we used our patented Health Canada approved solution. The test came back with a reading of 19 ppm. Leaving the door handle far below the acceptable reading amount.

Our product works!

And does so without leaving harmful toxins and chemicals on surfaces where children and the sick can be negatively affected.

Before Sanitizing

6610 PPM

1,000 PPM Bleach

2301 PPM

CleanGo Solution

19 PPM

Commercial Disinfection in Calgary

CleanGo Service is your go-to when it comes to small to large-scale disinfecting of any retail, service or industrial property. Using our state-of-the-art fogging machines to get in every nook and cranny we provide sanitizing at a level that simply can not be matched by everyday solution-in-a-bucket and rag (wiping) methods.
Our fogging team tackles your place of business with our all green product leaving no stone left unturned. The fogging machine is safe to use on electronics, near produce and other foods and in settings where people with respiratory issues frequent most. It is even safe to use around children and pets too!
Along with having the piece of mind of being COVID, bacterial and other virus free, you can proudly display our seal of completion on your business.

Our Approach

We understand that business’ are worried about the resurgence of COVID-19 Corona Virus and are diligently sanitizing and disinfecting their premises on a regular basis. The uncertainty of what can come is a heavy weight on the shoulders of business owners today. This is especially true if the beginning months of March-May seriously hurt the business and are currently in a fragile state. Recent numbers show that 19% of Albertan small business’ could not survive the shut-downs caused by this pandemic (2020) 


Tackling COVID-19 One Fog At A Time

As a business owner you are most likely already aware of the adverse effects of shutting down your operations for extended periods of time. Millions of Canadians were left without a job and tens of thousands of business’ were left without the revenues they need to pay the bills that accrue monthly.
The pandemic that was onset in early March in North America still leaves the trail of destruction and fear deeply routed in our society. The fear that parents won’t be able to feed their children isn’t a very common phobia here in Canada (luckily), but it still poses pressures on parents minds today due to lack of work in this damaged economy.
A more prevalent and very wide-spread fear amongst Canadian business owners/operators is their ability to pay their employees wages. With the impending clouds of a possible second wave of Covid, many enterprises simply can not weather the storm. These business’ rely on revenue coming through the door.
We at CleanGo GreenGo, a green emulsifying cleaning product producer saw an opportunity to help people and business’ in our community and protect them from an outbreak that could possibly close their operations for good.
Operating in Calgary Alberta, Canada we are spreading effective disinfecting information for business’ to help them stay open. We also offer complete fogging services that battle the spread of viruses (the novel coronavirus), pathogens, bacteria and fungus.
We help Calgary and area business’ stay safe and healthy by promoting and creating a disease-free workplace. Less sickness equals less chance of having to close your doors for 14 days while your employees self-isolate. Let alone the negative stigma of an outbreak and the effect on your brand in the community. It could take months, if ever for people to feel safe about coming back into your business again.
Call our sales representative today to schedule a free estimate. We are here to help you and your organization to keep the revenues coming in.
We offer competitive pricing and different schedule models to best serve your business day-after-day, week-after-week and month-after-month.



What You Get from Our Services

When making the decision to invest in proactive sanitizing or disinfecting practices you not only meet government regulations, but you also receive:

  • Peace of mind that your business operations are being conducted in a clean and safe space.
  • Fewer staff sick days.
  • Chance of spread of COVID-19 drastically mitigated saving the business from a shut down in operations (minimum 14 days) and the damage to your brand image in the community.
  • Patented green cleaning solution that is safe to use on everything from food processing equipment and utensils to heavy-duty gear boxes.
  • Certification that can be displayed on the front window with our guarantee that your space was sanitized to safe levels at a certain date.

We also have a flexible crew that will work with your schedule to make sure our fogging services do not interrupt your regular business operations.


What CleanGo Fogging’s Services Do That Regular Wiping and Spraying Fail To

Regular disinfecting methods that organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest a powerful chemical-based disinfectant to be used on commonly used surfaces with the wiping technique.
This is an effective technique of disinfecting when done right. The problem is in most business’ their disinfecting process is lacking the power to completely keep every patron and employee who enters the business’ premises safe.
The wiping method fails because of many reasons:

  1. A dirty rag or cloth is used which spreads contaminants onto uncontaminated areas.
  2. Some solutions have an effective life window which only lasts a few hours. If the disinfectant is not replaced in a timely manner it is far less effective for killing bacteria, germs and viruses.
  3. Some wiping techniques are not effective. A straight-line motion is the proper wiping method, whereas a circular motion spreads contaminants to non-contaminated areas.
  4. It’s difficult to guarantee employees efficacy in completely disinfecting surfaces with the best quality effort.
  5. Wiping does not effectively get into cracks and hard-to-reach areas where fogging’s fine mist will access.
  6. Dwell time on surfaces is not always sufficiently met to kill contaminants.

Our industrial strength fogging machines and our skillful technicians are unscrupulous to every surface from floor to ceiling, leaving virtually no space un-touched!
Think of it this way.
The size of the tip of a ball-point pen that has the norovirus on it, has the potential and power to get up to 1,000 people sick!
When comparing that fact to the size of your place of business, there’s an infinite amount of ball-point sized surfaces that need to be disinfected. It’s an incredibly daunting task that simply can not be effectively matched by regular hand wiping methods.
Fogging is the most cost-effective, efficient and effective method to disinfect your business to eradicate Norovirus, Coronavirus and even Staph infection, C-Diff Spores and HIV.


CleanGo Commercial Fogging Calgary

Fogging has been found to be the most effective disinfecting method for medical clinics. The same is true for office buildings.
Our trained technicians target the areas that need extra sanitizing, like toilets, door handles, reception desks and water coolers. Did we mention our product is tested to be safe in the use of meat and poultry plants and in the use of medical offices? So, targeting the office watercooler is not only effective, but it’s safe, leaving no harmful chemicals behind to harm anyone!
In a commercial office setting your needs will be specific to your office, contact our friendly service expert to get a free evaluation on your needs. If you prefer to be evaluated over the phone, we can do that for you based off of your specific requirements and also square footage of the office space. In person consultations are also available by appointment.
Allow us to help keep your office space as safe as possible for your workers and clients. When a company invests in a clean, hygienic workspace the employees know their company is looking out for them. This fosters a strong company loyalty and respect from your employees.
Especially now with the Corona Virus Pandemic, it is not only sick days businesses are trying to stay away from. It’s the comfortability, well-being and health of your employees and their family members we must all keep in mind.
Protect your business, your workers, their family and your company’s image by investing in higher levels of sanitation and peace-of-mind with CleanGo Fogging in Calgary and area.
Contact our friendly service expert now to learn more about our services.

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